10 Tips for Creatively Transitioning to Fall

If you're like me, you're already thinking about the best season ever- FALL! I just love everything about it, but especially the clothes! I think it's because I love collage and color and when the weather requires more layers, there's more chance to be creative with outfits. 

Of course, Fall in my neck of the woods comes pretty slowly and there are plenty of warmer days before the cooler ones come. So how do you start transitioning to fall outfits while still wearing your summer favorites? Here are a few ideas...

1. Crop pants can move swiftly from Summer staple to Fall favorite! Just pair with a sweater and a dark colored flat.

2. 3/4 sleeved blazer just needs a long skirt and a belt to "feel" more like autumn. You might also pair with warm neutrals like a brown belt and shoes.

3. A chambray button down is like a seasonal chameleon. Pair it with a chunky sweater, a patterned scarf and boots.

4. Maxi skirts are great for fall! Just trade in your tank for a long sleeved t-shirt!

5. A shirt dress is fantastic with a long sleeved shirt layered underneath! Add leggings if needed.
6. Even a peplum top can be layered for fall... put a coordinating button down underneath and/or a blazer over it. 

7. When it's just barely feeling fall, keep your florals for a little longer! Add a cozy cardigan and some textured shoes.

8. Shorter dresses (especially in neutral colors) can be worn seamlessly throughout fall when you add a boyfriend cardigan, tights and boots.

9. Keep any patterned collared shirt for a playful layer under your favorite sweater.

10.  Have fun with pattern, color, textures and layers!

I can't wait to see what fun outfits y'all come up with! See anything that inspires you today? What fun outfits can you make out of the items in your closet? See where these fun ideas came from and find even more inspiration on my Pinterest page!


Grown-Up "Back-to-School" Shopping

I remember LOVING this time of year when I was younger for 3 reasons.....
1. I was totally nerdy and LOVED school starting again!
2. new Fall clothes & shoes
3. fresh set of markers!

Now that I'm out of school, I still feel a little dreamy when I see the school supplies row at Target and backpacks and rulers and folders.... *sigh*... ha ha! So, just for fun, I decided to do a little "Back-to-School" shopping around the web. Here are my favorite finds from 31 Bits, Modcloth, Paper-Source & Target. :)

If you were shopping to go back to school... what would your picks be?

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Painting in Progress

Since I'm working with the theme "coffee"and I've already explored a couple of ideas with coffee mugs and steam, I wanted to go a more "honest" direction for this painting! I think a "to-go" cup is a much more realistic look at our usual coffee drinking and I see beauty there too! A "to-go" cup may be from a visit witha friend at a local Starbucks or maybe it represents a morning when you're taking on the world and you're out the door in a hurry! Whatever the story, I wanted this painting to feel a bit more rough and textured. It has a more emotional quality somehow and I'm really enjoying the process. So far I've used only 6 colors and one palette knife! I love how a little bit of blue is sneaking it's way in and bringing extra life and dimention.

What do you think? Does your coffee typically look like this? What's the story behind it?

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Gallery Inspiration: COFFEE

This week in the studio I'm focusing on the theme "Coffee". I realize this is a pretty broad topic, but I wanted to explore the colors, feelings, ideas and styles that are inspiring me right now so I came up with this little inspiration board to help me gather my thoughts.

Anything stand out to you? What feelings come up when you think of the theme "coffee"? Cozy, warm, inviting, waking up, spending time, connecting, beginning, completing, etc.? What about colors? Besides the obvious brown do you think of neutrals? brights? and then there's patterns, designs, textures, etc... so much to explore!

I'd love to hear your ideas and get your thoughts as I prep for Friday's Insta-Gallery Sale! Hope your day is awesome!


New Paintings & New Shop!

Over the weekend I worked on some older paintings and also created some new smaller ones! After Friday's Insta-Gallery Sale, I decided to open up a new shop for anything that's left. :) You can shop my original artwork and prints in my new shop here: 

You can also get a sneak peek at a few paintings that will be available at the Insta-gallery sale on Friday at noon! Those paintings are labeled "Coming Soon". Anything that doesn't sell then will be added to the shop, so to claim your favorites, come to the sale on Friday at Noon! Just follow my Insta-gallery here: 

Let me know what you think of the shop! Happy day!


Painting in Progress

Remember this painting I started last.... May?!? Well, I finally got back around to working on it! Now that I'm finished with custom paintings, I'm back to finishing up some paintings I've put in the back of the studio closet. :) It's been fun to see this one evolve.... a lot! (You'll see all the color changes before I landed on red here.) Last week I decided to add texture to the background with Liquitex Modeling Paste and a palette knife. Then I swiped dark brown over the texture.

Next up? I need to decide on something to add to the center of the coffee cup. What do y'all think? A creamer swirl? Coffee "bubbles" or reflections? something unexpected? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


@specsandwingsgallery Opens Today!

I'm so excited about the opening of my new Instagram Art Gallery! If you want to see it, just follow me on Instagram @specsandwingsgallery ! At NOON today I'll be posting some paintings and prints for sale and if you'd like to purchase one, just comment on the photo with your PayPal email address. The first person to comment will be sent an invoice and the painting or print!

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